• #TESDiplo   #EUSportDiplomacy

  • #TESDiplo   #EUSportDiplomacy

  • #TESDiplo   #EUSportDiplomacy


Welcome to the first webpage dedicated to the implementation and promotion of an EU sport diplomacy!


The contemporary European context has enhanced the need to develop and promote a European Union (EU) sport diplomacy aimed at using sport, increasingly present in popular culture and politics, as a soft power tool to strengthen both internal relations within the European Union and external relations with non-EU actors.

Anchored within this context, and conscious of the economic, social and cultural benefits at stake for the EU, Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy (TES-D) has gathered a unique European consortium of professionals from think tanks, universities, and associations in order to draft and promote relevant policy recommendations for an EU-level sport diplomacy.

Building on the hypothesis that the sum of all existing national sport diplomacies of the EU can be used to create coherent and implementable policy recommendations at the EU-level, TES-D’s guiding principle is to mix academic inquiry, practitioner perspectives and empirical knowledge. In addition to conducting pilot actions and proposing e-learning content, reports and relevant data specifically collected for the project will be regularly published on this webpage, made to grow and maintain a network of relevant stakeholders interested in contributing to and aware of the potential of an EU-level sport diplomacy.

TESDiplo #EUSportDiplomacy

1. Resources

What is EU sport diplomacy? How does it fit in the context of public and/or cultural diplomacy? What are examples of good practices in other countries’ and/or regions’ sport diplomacies that could help us draft effective policy recommendations at the EU-level?
Check out our latest reports and articles centred around these questions. Throughout the project, research will be conducted, published under the form of reports, and aimed at creating new resources on sport diplomacy at the EU-level.

2. In Practice

Find out more about TES-D and how we plan to promote an EU sport diplomacy using a multi-disciplinary approach. Learn from our five pilot actions and our multiplier sport events, meant to share a wider perspective on sport diplomacy at the EU-level, notably by considering practitioners’ experiences.


Why EU sport diplomacy? In what ways is it a good approach to improve relations between EU and non-EU countries? What can this concept bring to society and politics? What are relevant examples of sport diplomacy across the world?

If these questions interest you, join our free online learning content! Through this e-learning platform, we aim to address these questions, and engage with a broad audience: individuals, NGOs, government officials, sport governing bodies...
Anyone can become an actor of sport diplomacy -> See why this is important!

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