Video: FC Internationale Berlin 1980 pilot action focuses on inclusion in sport


We know that sport diplomacy also happens at the grassroots – in communities worldwide. For this reason, we have initiated five pilot actions that are being carried out by five organisations based in the EU who work directly in this field. 

Each organisation has been developing an initiative centred around sport diplomacy. In this video, FC Internationale Berlin 1980 e.V from Germany tells us about their pilot action! Anton Klischewski explains that inclusion is an important focus of FC Internationale Berlin 1980’s diplomatic work. Find out why they see grassroots sport diplomacy as an effective agent of change.

The five organisations delivering pilots as part of the TES-D project are: 

  • UISP APS Roma, Italy
  • DGI National Danish Performance Team (NDPT), Denmark
  • FC Internationale Berlin 1980 e.V, Germany
  • ITTF Foundation, Germany
  • University of Physical Education, Hungary

We will feature each of the pilots in our “In-practice” feature section over the coming months. Learn more about the pilot project initiative here.

Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy (TES-D) is a two-year project funded by Erasmus+ which began in January 2021. The TES-D team is comprised of eight organisations – 5 universities, 1 NGO and 1 think tank – based in six different countries. Together, we aim to propose concrete recommendations which could enhance the development of a sport diplomacy strategy at the European Union-level.  

Our approach is two-fold, mixing academic reports and grassroots initiatives. This series of videos summarises written findings and activities which can be found on our website

To learn more about other TES-D activities:

Posted on 17/05/2022 by IRIS and ISCA