Sport diplomacy networking pilot kicks off in Italy: UISP Roma for inclusion and Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

By UISP Roma

The Italian pilot action organised under the Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy project will kick off with a day of sport, inclusion and networking on Saturday 18 June at the Fulvio Bernardini – Pietralata sports facility in Rome.

The UISP Roma for inclusion and Grassroots Sport Diplomacy event will take place at the Fulvio Bernardini sports facility, Via dell'Acqua Marcia 51, from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event is being organised by UISP Roma and will facilitate meetings among potential sport diplomacy actors, thus creating the basis for dialogue in the city of Rome though sport. 

There will be various associations taking part in numerous activities throughout the day. The morning opening will be the final of the Coppa Primavera, a UISP football tournament for youth categories. This will be followed by various inclusive sports, all for adults and children, such as: 
•    Sitting Volleyball, in collaboration with Sportacademy360
•    Integrated Rugby, together with the Implaccabili team and the Unione Rugby Capitolina
•    BxC Baseball played by the blind and visually impaired, with the Roma All Blinds
•    Integrated climbing, with the presence of blind people and the Asd Roma 2000 association.

Many of the invited associations work with children on a daily basis and will also offer “come and try activities” such as athletics (with the ASD Runner Trainer), games and football (with the participation of Esquilino FC). 

On the pitch after the final of the tournament, there will be space for the adults. Mental health, migrant and popular sports initiatives will take the field in collaboration with Romulea Autistic Football Club. The Liberi Nantes association will also organise activities for adults on the football pitch and for the children on the athletics track. 

The aim of the event is to spend a day of inclusive sport to reduce distances, get to know different activities and new realities, and let children and adults try out different types of sports.

The Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy pilot initiative will be developed at the event on 18 June through an exhibition on racism in sport and a roundtable discussion on 'Sport for all as a form of popular diplomacy at the service of the community' and how sport for all can be a tool to combat all forms of discrimination by involving all stakeholders and local authorities. 

The discussion will be held at 10.30 a.m. at the Fulvio Bernardini with international guests (including Saska Benedicic Tomat from ISCA), local authorities and representatives of the associations. This is a tested formula that has proven to be useful in creating a climate that fosters greater understanding between people. In particular, Sport for All events open to all residents in the local community have proved to be a support in overcoming traditional communication and relationship obstacles due to mistrust, language differences and cultural stereotypes.

The event will be followed live by Web Radio 32, a radio station created by citizens, professionals and volunteers to address fundamental health protection issues from a different perspective.

Event is supported by the Erasmus+ project “Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy” 

Posted on 01/06/2022 by UISP Roma