HOW to implement Sport Diplomacy?

We would like to share with you a bit more information to learn how to design, implement and monitor sport diplomacy and how to use it in your day to day work.

Project leader Carole Gomez from IRIS, professor Thierry Zintz from Leuven University and Mogens Kirkeby from ISCA discuss in a podcast the aim of the project Towards an EU Sport Diplomacy. They list characterises Sport Diplomacy of today. They share how do they see this ‘sport political landscape’ in the perspective of a EU Sport Diplomacy. The absence of national strategies and policies and how do they see such diversity in the perspective of a EU Sport Diplomacy.

Sport is a ‘soft competence’ of the European Union where the member states have main competences. We know that across the EU member states there are different political opinions on stronger or less collaboration within the European Union. To that comes a very diverse sport sector with sport organisations having a strong commercial focus and others with more citizens oriented health focus. How can these different opinions and diversity of objectives contribute to a EU Sport Diplomacy without such being based on the lowest common denominator – and thereby maybe irrelevant?

Enjoy the podcast you can find here: