Introduction to the training tool

Welcome to the TES-D Training tool.

To promote and implement a sport diplomacy strategy at the European Union (EU) level, it is necessary to initiate long-lasting dialogues with relevant stakeholders (academics, politicians, sports organisations, athletes, etc.) through the creation of a network. For the development of this training tool we brought a network of experts together and gathered all relevant documentation for the development of EU Sport Diplomacy.

This tool aims to help you to understand the Sport Diplomacy and reflect on your practice. The tool provides materials, examples that will help you:

  • To understand how Sport Diplomacy can be a powerful tool for promoting the sport sector, connecting people and strengthening intercultural dialogue
  • To learn what the different formats of sport diplomacy can bring to society and to the various sport sectors
  • To take the next steps to use sport diplomacy for learning and dialogue
  • To explore and learn from case studies of sport diplomacy
  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses of sport diplomacy in EU
  • To understand the diversity of sport diplomacy approaches in the different EU countries
  • To learn how to design, implement and monitor sport diplomacy and how to use it in your day to day work