Message from the practice

We would like to showcase the positive learning environments for individuals engaging in sport diplomacy and how it can become a priority for sport organisations. Changing practice towards a ‘sport diplomacy focus’ will require not only practitioners, but also policy makers to reflect on provision and process.

It will demand a new focus on the development of individual’s dialogue competences, understanding attitudes towards social development and responsibility. It will also require that educational institutions, sport organisations and policy makers have a clear orientation towards encouraging everyone to practice sport diplomacy. The following examples should guide practitioners towards establishing safe and inclusive learning environments.

We are sharing here 5 stories of 5 TES-D pilot initiatives implemented by:

  • UISP Roma, Italy;
  • National Danish Performance Team , Denmark;
  • FC Internationale Berlin 1980 e.V., Germany;
  • International Table Tennis Foundation, Germany;
  • University of Physical Education, Hungary.

These pilot initiatives took place in many different settings:

  • They operated at local and international levels;
  • They promoted national interests;
  • They branded cities;
  • They promoted democracy, inclusion and respect for human rights by using sport to spread and share values;
  • They helped build teams, share experiences and promote values of inclusion and accessibility.